About the Library


Hello, I'm Mrs. Shortsleeve, MZ Library Technician. I had the good fortune of working here about 10 years ago as the Library Assistant.  I remember the first time I walked on this campus for my interview, saw the library, instantly felt right at home, and got the job!  About 2 years later, the district no longer offered the Library Assistant position, and I was let go. After a time working in another field, I was so glad to be back at a school library setting in another district last year.  When the MZ Library Tech position opened for 2017-18, I applied, and happily, I was hired.  It's been great to interact with students in the Library.  I am honored to be here as part of the Manzanita team.


You are welcome to visit the library Monday-Friday between 
8 am - 3:30 pm. 
Please note:  Early release Wednesday hours are between 
8 am - 1:30 pm.


At Manzanita students learn the importance of being SAFE, RESPONSIBLE & RESPECTFUL in all activities.
In the Library a student is SAFE by:  
  • Always walking 
  • Using shelf markers on bookshelves ONLY
  • Keeping hands, feet and objects to himself
  • Pushing chairs in before leaving 
A student is RESPONSIBLE by:  
  • Asking if help is needed
  • Bringing back books on their next library day 
  • Cleaning area when done
  • Returning shelf markers to proper place 
A student is RESPECTFUL by:
  • Listening to the Librarian 
  • Reading quietly 
  • Using positive and respectful language
  • Being polite and using quiet voices


K-2nd grade students may check out 1 book.
3rd-6th grade students may check out 2 books.

Library books are due at the next class library day.  However, books may be renewed if student needs more time to finish it. Student must BRING THE BOOK to the Library to be renewed.

HOLDS may be placed for MZ books that are not currently checked in. Student fills out the form (located at the check-out area) with his/her name, title of book and teacher's name. Return form to Mrs. Shortsleeve. As soon as the book becomes available, she will send a notice to the student's teacher.