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  • Students have become familiar with the new Library layout, Library expectations, how to take care of Library books, how to use shelf markers, checking out books, etc.  
  • In both the North and South rooms shelves have been designated "HOLIDAY."  This makes it easier for students to find these special books.
  • Third & fourth grade students have been using our own Manzanita Dewey Decimal System to locate non-fiction books. Notebooks have been created putting topics of interest in A,B,C order, then the Dewey number(s) after it. Students are successful in finding what books interest them in a way that's easier for them to use.  Knowing where to find non-fiction material will help them use the Destiny Discover library computer program. 
  • These students have also worked on library and holiday handouts to increase various skills:  alphabet order, word finds, crosswords, finding Library books, etc.  
  • We have also reviewed the role of Encyclopedias in gathering information.  Encyclopedias are now being checked out by students working on special topics.
  • Reading books aloud has been enjoyable for K-4th grade students (and the Librarian).